I grew up in the most beautiful land of Bulgaria to the greatest parents. As a young boy all my friends were much older and had already signed up for sport teams and something to look forward to. One of my closest friends told me that he was joining Tae Kwon Do and my curiosity was pushing me toward seeing what this sport is all about.

After just one session I realized it was not for me. Too much punching but I sure did love the kicking. What my instinct told me was I was looking for something I could express my creativity and be a part of a team.

On a rainy day, August 3rd I was sitting in my kitchen back home and my dad came for lunch and gave me the biggest gift a parent can give. I remember his words like it was yesterday.

“Son I registered you with a soccer team, but you must promise me you will never give up.”

Who would of known back then that now soccer would be my life and purpose.
Moving forward to the now there is thousands of lessons I share with my players on and off the field. Soccer was my tool to communicate with others and share the love of the sport with them.

Before I move forward I want to say big THANK YOU to my MENTORS:

– Magdalena Belcheva – Loving Mom – Running athlete
– Dragomir Belchev – Awesome Dad – Basketball player
– Kristin Belcheva – My little Sister

And all the coaches, teammates, school teachers and fellow mentors for shaping my world and teaching me to appreciate the small things in life.

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